Q. What time does the Media Center open and close?

A. We open at 7:20 AM every day and are open until 2:40 PM Monday-Friday.

If you need to use the library before or after school, please make arrangements

in advance with Mrs. Pennington.

Q. How many books can I check out?

A. You may have two books checked out at a time. Books are checked out for two weeks.

If you need additional books for an assignment, you may check out as many as you need.

Q. How many magazines can I check out?

A. You may have one magazine checked out at a time. Magazines are checked out for two weeks.

Q. What happens if I have an overdue book or magazine?

A. You will lose your checkout privileges until you return the item or pay for it if it is lost.

Q. Do you charge late (overdue) fines?

A. No, we don't.

Q. May I renew my book or magazine if I am not done by the due date?

A. Yes, bring the book or magazine to the circulation desk and we will renew it.

Q. What happens if I lose a book and can't find it?

You must pay for the book.
Please see Mrs. Pennington for more details.

Q. Can I print documents?

A. Yes, you may print school related documents without charge. Send all documents to the Konica LMC printer/copier. There is one printer in the LMC that prints black and white copies only.

Q. Can I get to library resources from home?

A. Yes! You can access our website here: http://TinyURL.com/MorelandRidgeLMC

Our LMC website has many helpful resources and you can view our library catalog and look up books!

Q. Do we have eBooks and how do I access them?

A. Yes, we do. These can be accessed at school through Destiny or by downloading Follett Enlight app to your personal device. Please ask for assistance at the circulation desk.

Q. What does YA mean on the spine of the book?

YA stands for Young Adult fiction. These books are recommended for ages 13+. The content of these books follow the typical coming-of-age experiences of young adults. Some content may not be suitable for younger readers. Students are encouraged to speak with their families about checking out these books as they may contain mild/moderately offensive language, kissing/and or possible sexual reference, and or violence. A good website to visit for book reviews is commonsensemedia.org.