6th Grade Teacher Office Hours

6th Grade Virtual Learning

Welcome to Moreland Ridge Middle School! As a virtual student, you may progress through your daily work at your own pace, but class meetings for each class will be at specific times during the academic day each week. The schedule below shows when teachers have designated office hours for your virtual class and are available for individual help if needed. Any live class meetings scheduled would also happen during these same times.

2nd Hour (8:00-8:45)

Mrs. Amaral/Honors Reading

3rd Hour (8:49-9:35)

Ms. Turner/Honors Math

Mrs. White/Math

Mrs. Vendelin/Pass to Exploring Languages

4th Hour (9:39-10:25)

Mrs. Hay/ELA

5th Hour/Lunch (10:30-12:11)

Mrs. Martin/Reading PLUS

Ms. Adams/Art

Mrs. Henderson/Special Education

Mr. Lewis/Honors Science

Mrs. Neely & Mr. Oyler/PE 11:15-11:45

6th Hour (12:15-1:01)

Mrs. Hay/Honors ELA

Mrs. Amaral/Reading

Mrs. Estep/CLASS

7th Hour (1:05-1:51)

Mrs. Tiller/Science

Mrs. Dreher/Social Studies

Mrs. Mainard/Choir

8th Hour (1:55-2:40)

Mrs. Tiller/Science

Mrs. Dreher/Honors Social Studies





















Band and Orchestra students: your teacher will contact you about meetings/office hours individually.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some teachers/classes have virtual hours that may overlap in your schedule. Teachers will attempt to coordinate when class meetings occur to avoid overlap; live meetings will also be recorded and shared for later viewing.